Sangiovese October Wine of the Month

Sangiovese October Wine of the Month

Crystal Basin Cellars is highlighting our double gold medal award winning Sangiovese as our October Wine of the Month.

Sangiovese is Mother Nature’s statement about the flavor exchange that happens during the transition from Summer to Fall.

Just like the ripening cycles in October’s gardens, vineyards and pumpkin patches, Sangio somehow combines the acidity of the summer heat and transitions it to the mellowness of shorter days and narrower temperature swings of fall evenings.

Sangiovese speaks to the fall ripeness of your garden’s bounty and can create some of those memorable and sublime Indian Summer experiences that mark the change of seasons.

That’s why we are featuring it as our October Wine of the Month.

Watch Mike Owen & Rex and the Road discuss the the Crystal Basin Cellars Sangiovese below to learn more about our award winning wine!

This wine pairs well with roasted pork, gnocchi with sage butter, or even a spaghetti and meatballs meal. In other words, the perfect addition to your fall dinner table!

Enjoy a bottle of the Crystal Basin Cellars October Wine of the Month, Sangiovese, in your home by ordering a bottle to be delivered to your home or you can pick it up at one of our locations!

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Wine of the Month – Cabernet Franc

Wine of the Month – Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc is an ancient grape that can be traced back to the 1100s when the Breton monks planted that grape variety in the Loire Valley of France. As vineyards were planted to the west along the Loire River towards Bordeaux, Cabernet Franc cross-bred with Sauvignon Blanc, another native Loire grape to create Cabernet Sauvignon. Cabernet Franc has long been the shadow of its more popular and more tannic offspring – often relegated to the status of a ‘blending wine’. Cabernet Franc is a lighter and more fruit-driven varietal, often expressing some ‘green’ elements of olives and green pepper. Thankfully, the El Dorado grapes that Crystal Basin uses are grown on decomposed granite soil, which drains well to the delight of the vines. The results is a silky fruit-forward expression of a rich wine with black cherry and violet notes.

Ask Mike if you want to hear another 15 to 20 minutes of wine-geekiness on Cabernet Franc.



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Cabernet Franc
Wine of the Month – Syrah

Wine of the Month – Syrah

Syrah is an ancient grape variety that was naturally hybridized in the northern end of France’s Rhone Valley over 2,000 years ago from two obscure parent grapes. It’s the 7th most widely planted grape in the world – grown on all continents. It is regarded as one of the Noble Varieties*. A complex and flavorful wine with depth and power, Syrah was one of the two wine varieties that we wanted to explore when we founded Crystal Basin. Our best results were perhaps from our 2010 vintage, when we won Best of Class at the 2013 CA State Fair.

Our Syrah grapes come from two sites in El Dorado County – both at high altitude. Once is behind the Apple Mountain Golf Resort off Carson Road and the other is up Happy Valley Road in an especially remote location. We’ve also purchased a small amount of Syrah from Pleasant Valley since 1993 and there are times when that vineyard produces transcendent fruit. All these vineyards get ripe in mid-October and the pick point can be determined by how ‘slippery’ the grape skin is over the pulp and seeds of the grape.

Wine of the Month

Every month we highlight one of our favorite wines. In March 2022, that’s our award winning Syrah. Join Mike Owens and Rex on the Radio McNeil as they demonstrate the wine of the month tastings you can expect this month.

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Syrah Blends

We use Syrah as a component of two of our Ascendance blends – our Victorie Rhone blend and our Xpealidocious SuperCalifornian. We also find a batch of Syrah from time to time that is worth of our Red Cap program, which is our Best of the Best. The process of blending these wines is like unwrapping presents under a Christmas tree! We hope you enjoy the results as much as we enjoy making our wines.

Syrah Blends

Extra credit? Check this cool article about Noble Varieties and the range of wine flavors here:
Wine of the Month : February 2022 : Merlot

Wine of the Month : February 2022 : Merlot

Merlot is an important grape varietal from the Bordeaux region of France. Much-maligned by Hollywood in the movie Sideways, it fell out of favor after the release of that movie in 2004. In the decade before the movie was released, Merlot was the darling of the wine world because of it’s fruit-forward flavors, relative lack of tannins and ease of pronunciation. This popularity, however, led to Merlot being planted in areas that were not suitable for its cultivation. Consequently, the wines from these poorly-chosen regions had flavors of bell pepper and olives. Ack.

El Dorado County-grown Merlot is most often found on decomposed granite soils that aggressively drain. The Italians say that grapes ‘don’t like their feet wet’, so our quick-draining soils are optimal for growing this variety. Our most notable accomplishment with Merlot was a 4-star Gold Medal at the Orange County Fair for our 2010 Merlot. This notoriety led to an invite from the Orange County Fair for Mike to be a wine judge at their competition.

Our Merlots are grown at Gold Hill Vineyard near Coloma and Sauber Vineyard near pretty much nothing. Our style of velvety-smooth fruit with a hint of mocha and atomized chocolate (think of taking the top off of a tin of Nestle’s Quick) has made our Merlots a benchmark for the variety in the Sierra Foothills. We hope you have some to enjoy during the all-too-short month of February.