Early Summer Fun Stuff At Crystal Basin Cellars

Early Summer Fun Stuff At Crystal Basin Cellars

The Winemaking is Done – Let’s Enjoy the Wine as Summer Kicks Off!

Next Weekend – May 25th! AND June 15th – Carson Road BBQ Series! Explore flavors and exercise your senses at Crystal Basin Cellars. We’ll be hosting barrel room tours featuring our 2023 wines and hosted sales efforts featuring three amazing local artisans:

Sweet Dreams Confections – Visual and Tasty Sweet Treats

Midnight Ember Candles – Hand-Crafted Candles With Amazing Scents

Swansboro Sourdough – Homemade and Hand-Kneaded Breads

Crystal Basin Cellars Summer Winery Events | Apple Hill Wineries | Wineries in the Foothills Wine Tasting Apple Hill | Summer BBQ Series

Our Ascendance and White Wines Clubs will run in early June.

Come up and taste the wines and make your selections!

Crystal Basin Cellars Summer Winery Events | Apple Hill Wineries | Wineries in the Foothills Wine Tasting Apple Hill

It’s time to start planning for your Amsterdam to Luxembourg Cruise next April with CBC and Amawaterways!

The epic scenery of the Rhine and Moselle Rivers and the compelling wines from the banks of those rivers will be featured highlights of this cruise. We’ve had two Most Excellent wine cruise experiences with our friends at Amawaterways and we eagerly look forward to this coming one as well!

Ready? Get out your calendars!

On June 8th (3pm) in Camino and on June 9th (5pm) at the Station in Folsom, we’re gathering with our travel agent and interested friends, fans and club members for a deep-dive Q&A session about next April’s trip. If you’ve ever wanted to explore Northern Europe, a relaxed and tasty tour with an enthusiastic group of CBC fans is an irresistible opportunity!


Crystal Basin Cellars Summer Winery Events | Apple Hill Wineries | Wineries in the Foothills | Amsterdam Cruise

Just in Time for July Fourth! Learn how to use your used corks to show the Red, White and Blue! Bring your patriotic self out and create some art with the Crystal Basin Station team on June 23rd from 6 to 8pm. The cost is $55, which includes supplies and a glass of wine. Please RSVP to 916-673-9440 or to RSVP@crystalbasin.com.

Crystal Basin Station Summer Winery Events | Folsom Wineries | Wine tasting in Folsom

We hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather and are planning to share some great wines with Friends and Family as the Patio Dining Season kicks off!

Cheers, The Crystal Basin Team

July Wine of the Month, Petite Sirah

July Wine of the Month, Petite Sirah

Petite Sirah is a Big and Unique element of California grape history.  Besides the layered blueberry and cocoa-esque tannin structure, the aspect of smooth and velvet oozes from the glass.  Dark and bold but understated because of the unique fruit grown in vineyards in El Dorado’s higher elevations, this Petite Sirah is a tasty accompaniment for your summer BBQ efforts on your patio.  Awarded 93 Points by the Wine Enthusiast in early 2023.
Petite Sirah
June Wine of the Month, Mourvedre

June Wine of the Month, Mourvedre

Mourvedre’s origins in the sunny regions of eastern Spain and southern France make it perhaps the perfect grape for the rolling hills and dramatic backdrops of California’s Sierra Foothills.   Crystal Basin’s version has a velvety spiciness along with a mysterious combination of white pepper and cherry. It is a fun wine to enjoy for the first time.  People find they really enjoy a new wine flavor they have not previously encountered. Crystal Basin sources grapes from three vineyards within the El Dorado appellation.  These vineyards are as divergent as the local terrain.  The premiere vineyard was planted by a grower pioneering Rhone Varieties in the early 1990’s.  Another represents a not-so-distant past where plant materials could be brought unvetted to California and planted.  These are referred to as “suitcase clones” and, while contributing unique flavors and characteristics to the finished wine,  are increasing rare in the state. The final contributor is based in the edge of viable vineyard land in El Dorado County, the very southeast corner behind Mt. Aukum.
June Meau-Faux, Jacques Cousteau

June Meau-Faux, Jacques Cousteau

Jacques Cousteau, undersea explorer, writer, filmmaker

Born June 11, 1910, Jacques Cousteau was a visionary underwater Meau-Faux in the true tradition of the genre. The dude who actually invented breathing underwater no less! Spy, war hero, commando and cinematic pioneer, Cousteau perhaps did more to change the framework of human perception excepting perhaps the Wright Brothers. His films, exploration and risk-taking were part of the culture of discovery and wonder in the 1960 and his observations initiated much of the ecological consciousness that marks our conversations today. As a French Military Intelligence officer, Cousteau would have been quite familiar with rich and flavorful red wines and would have enjoyed them at almost every meal. We certain he would have been a big fan of Crystal Basin’s tasty red wines. We dedicate our Meau-Faux of the month for June to the legend of the sea – Jacques Cousteau.
May Wine of the Month Grenache

May Wine of the Month Grenache

Ah Grenache. We picked it as the wine for the month of May, largely because it is a transitional wine, much like May itself. Like May, Grenache comes in a host of styles and flavors. It is the second-most planted red wine grape in the world, only surpassed by Cabernet Sauvignon. It grows in virtually every wine-producing region and is made in possible the widest range of styles. We suggest that you serve Grenache a little colder than you would other white wines – let it slowly come up to room temperature on your table to see what we’re talking about. From the light rose wines of Tavel in France, to a fruit-bomb GSM wine from Australia to the venerated Hearty Burgundy from California in the 70’s, Grenache is a workhorse. It likes heat and it likes to bear a heavy crop. It likes to be blended – check out a Chateauneuf-du-Pape from the Rhone or a Rioja or Priorat from Spain. It is the lead singer in the GSM blend – Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre! Grenache boasts of Spanish origins but its main stage may be found in the Rhone Valley of France. It can stand on it’s own as a high alcohol wine like Banyuls or Gigondas or add a lighter edge to a blend. We suggest that, as you fire up the barbie for the first couple of times this year – you consider pulling a cork on a Grenache to see how it fits your transition to the patio for the summer!