June Wine of the Month, Mourvedre

June Wine of the Month, Mourvedre

Mourvedre’s origins in the sunny regions of eastern Spain and southern France make it perhaps the perfect grape for the rolling hills and dramatic backdrops of California’s Sierra Foothills.   Crystal Basin’s version has a velvety spiciness along with a mysterious combination of white pepper and cherry. It is a fun wine to enjoy for the first time.  People find they really enjoy a new wine flavor they have not previously encountered. Crystal Basin sources grapes from three vineyards within the El Dorado appellation.  These vineyards are as divergent as the local terrain.  The premiere vineyard was planted by a grower pioneering Rhone Varieties in the early 1990’s.  Another represents a not-so-distant past where plant materials could be brought unvetted to California and planted.  These are referred to as “suitcase clones” and, while contributing unique flavors and characteristics to the finished wine,  are increasing rare in the state. The final contributor is based in the edge of viable vineyard land in El Dorado County, the very southeast corner behind Mt. Aukum.
Dead Presidents Weekend

Dead Presidents Weekend

Every year we get questions about Dead Presidents Weekend. Because we are all about customer service and we’re always here to help, this year we are going to help you operate from a position of clarity. The basic premise is that you hit your safe deposit box and pull out stacks and stacks of valid US currency and trade us for wine. Some other highlights:
  1. There is a US law that will now allow living persons to be depicted on currency. So, all those Obama bucks you’ve got stashed won’t work.
  2. There is another law that says you can’t make your own currency. (Unless you are really, really good at it – then don’t tell us). So don’t bring that homegrown stuff either.
  3. For clarity – size does matter. To be specific, this is a Woody. It would be the best picture of a dead president you could EVER bring up to CBC:

4. If you don’t have a lot of Woodys at your house (of if you are fresh out), here’s what you can expect at CBC from the various presidential pictures on other forms of US currency:

a. $1 George Washington – All You Can Eat Pretzels!

b. $5 Abraham Lincoln – Glass of CB Bubbly or Renegade Red.

c. $20 Andrew Jackson – Your Choice of One Bottle of Any of Renegade Red or CB Bubbly – Tax Included!

d. $50 Ulysses Grant – Your Choice of any 3 Bottles of Any of Our Bistro Reds, Renegade Red, or Mystery Juice – Tax Included!

e. $500 William McKinley – This will get you a Big Daddy at CBC! Three Cases of Futures to Spread Out Over 2 Vintages!

f. $1,000 Grover Cleveland – A Big Daddy and 3 Cases of Wine to Take Home!

g. $5,000 James Madison – 1 Pallet (56 cases!) of Renegade Red or CB Bubbly – Your pIck!

h. $100,000 Woodrow Wilson – See Above – Bring About 45 of These and We’ll Give You the Keys to the Winery and the Forklift. No Kidding…

February 18 – 20, 2023

Due to the popularity of this event, reservations are highly recommended.

Syrah Wine of the Month

Syrah Wine of the Month

Announcing Crystal Basin’s Wine of the Month Syrah!

Syrah was one of the two grape varieties that Crystal Basin was founded to showcase.

Grown at higher altitudes, Syrah gains a rugged, meaty fruitiness and loses the higher tannins that its often known for.

Our Syrah is a fruit-forward expression of sun and soil.

El Dorado fruit brings on a rich blackberry and peppery aspect that is intriguing like wearing shiny leather pants.

We hope you’ll enjoy some of our Syrah soon!


Syrah Crystal Basin Cellars



What’s this Oysterfest thing about?

Oysterfest 2023

March 11, 2023
11:30 am – 2:30 pm
Camino, CA

Ahh – Oysters. Fresh Oysters tasting faintly of the sea. Slurped raw or bbq’d with garlic butter.

And Wine. Lovely fresh and enjoy a brisk afternoon in the Foothills.

And then, the combination of the two. Yeah now!

We call this yearly seafood feast our Oysterfest and we’ve hosted it for over 13 years now.

It’s a springtime chance to gather, enjoy some of the freshest oysters, sip a newly introduced white wine and tap your foot to some bluegrass music. Who’s in?

This event has been a bit nutty in the past. It makes it fun – but….

This year, we are asking for folks to pre-purchase their oysters. It helps us plan and helps us keep the cost of the oysters down for our customers.

Tickets are $25.00 each Includes 10 oysters and a glass of Crystal Basin Cellars wine.

Want more than 10 oysters? Ok, then. Add 10 more oysters for $15.00, up to 4 times!

But that’s the limit. Sorry, we have to cut you off at a maximum of 50 oysters total per order.

You don’t have to pre-order, but oysters at the event will be $2.00 each – with a minimum of ten. Oysters purchased ahead of time are 33% cheaper!

This is our winery’s birthday celebration as well, so expect some razzle-dazzle to go with your day!

Cheers to All!

Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash

Join us at our Crystal Basin Cellars locations this February 2023 to celebrate our Meau-Faux, Johnny Cash.

Johny Cash Meau Faux Event | Crystal Basin Cellars Camino, CA & Crystal Basin Station Folsom CA

What is a Meau-Faux and why does Crystal Basin Celebrate them?

We are always seeking to identify and honor innovative leadership. We’ve created a way for us all to recognize and celebrate truly unique folks on their respective birthdays. Each month, Crystal Basin selects a special Meau-Faux who have made an indelible mark on the world in their own way. This moniker is not to be taken lightly. It takes a LOT to be a Meau-Faux. You have to get up early, stay up late, and in many specific cases, be able to party like a rockstar. We know these personalities and what they stand for instantly. By calling our attention to these leaders, we hope you’ll be able to pull some essence of their spirit into you daily life. They are, quite simply, Meau-Fauxs.

Why is the February 2023 Meau-Faux Johnny Cash?

February’s Meau-Faux has true gravitas. Johnny Cash is a storied, even legendary, icon in the mid-century American music scene. Starting out in the Country genre and graduating to the Alternative genre at the end of his life and career. Cash is both famous and locally infamous, as his indelible tie with Folsom and the Folsom Prison still shine bright. Talented, mercurial and passionate, Cash’s myriad contributions to the music world will extend far beyond his lifetime and we are all better for his efforts. Call us (530) 647-1767 to receive special pricing on our bagnum wines to celebrate our February Meau-Faux, Johnny Cash