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If you enjoy our wines today, why not join one of our wine clubs? Membership gives you priority access to our wines, and have them shipped to you direct. Or you can visit us at any location to pickup, just let us know you’re popping by! We’d love to see you!


We have 3 different wine clubs (Renegade, Ascendance, and Redneck Whites) on offer. Details about each are laid out below. But generally the following apply:

  • No membership fees – ever!
  • No membership charges – ever!
  • Take the Wines You Want – We Customize Releases for You!
  • Club Members Agree To Take at Least 3 Releases After Sign Up


In addition to receiving a selection of our wines throughout the year you also get:

  • Complimentary Tasting for Each Club Release
  • 20% off Anything on the Walls
  • 25% off on a Case Purchases
  • Excusive Events and Stuff for Club Members


We have been able to grow our winery and make a nice business by treating our club members like gold.

Want a different wine in your club shipment? Let us know, what you want and we will gladly exchange it (within reason).

Call us at the Cellars to get started 530 647 1767 or email sales@crystalbasin.com

Renegade Reds Wine Club

Renegade Wine Club members receive 3 bottles of our Reserve Red Wines 4 times each year and a special release of our Gold Medal wines in July. Wines for each release are chosen by the CBC team based on which wines win medals and tasted the best.

<click here> to learn about our Gold Medal Wines for the 2020/2021 season

5 Times A Year

15 Bottles Per Year

$65.00 Per Shipment + Taxes & Shipping
Redneck Whites Wine Club

Redneck Whites Club members get their pick of any 3 of our White Wines three times a year. If you are a white wine lover, we’ve got your juice! This club features a three-bottle release sent to you 3 times a year.

3 Times A Year

9 Bottles Per Year

$45.00 Per Shipment + Taxes & Shipping
Ascendance Wine Club

Ascendance Club members get 2 bottles of our best, High-End blended Red Wines 3 times a year, plus a special release of our current award-winning Gold Medal wines each July.

<click here> to learn about our Gold Medal Wines for the 2020/2021 season

If you love our high-end blends, this is your club! A great way to get Top Shelf juice and wine club benefits for a song.

5 Times A Year

15 Bottles Per Year

$65.00 Per Shipment + Taxes & Shipping

Wine Club Terms and Conditions

Crystal Basin Cellars will ship your club wine selections directly to your home or office. No bills, no fuss, we simply charge the credit card provided on your application at the time of release. Please note that it is your obligation to notifiy Crystal Basin Cellars of any account changes 15 days before the beginning of a shipment month. Membership is ongoing and may be cancelled with a 15 day written notice after receiving your fourth club shipment. Crystal Basin Cellars requests a four shipment minimum commitment to the wine club. We reserve the right to recapture discounts given in the case of early club termination.

Due to legal restrictions, we are only permitted to ship wine to select states. Please note that verification of age and signature is required at the time of delivery. Carriers make three attempts to deliver, after which teh wine is returned to Crystal Basin Cellars. No wine will be delivered to a visibly intoxicated person, and any person unable to produce age verification forfeits the right to receive the shipment until identification is produced. In such circumstances, the order may be held in storage at a local depot until appropriate identification is produced, or it may be shipped back to the winery. If a wine shipment is shipped back to the winery, the customer is responsible for freight charges.

Wines are subject to change due to availability. Members are responsible for all taxes, shipping, or handling fees, including shipments that are refused, returned or shipped to an old address. Should your club shipment be returned for any reason, the fee to re-ship would be the full rate charged by the common carrier to Crystal Basin. If there has been some sort of error with delivery, we will be eager to work with you to resolve it.

Return Policy

We will replace any bottle of wine that is damaged, flawed, or otherwise deemed to be unsatisfactory. We may request that the customer return the unfinished portion of the original bottle for replacment.

Shipping Customer? Next Charge September
Next Shipment October

we charge you twice a year and

give you a couple of weeks

to be specific about what

you’d like us to ship.

Double Down Wine Club

Double Down on your wine club membership and receive:

6 Bottles of Wine 4x per year (RENEGADE)



You can choose the wines you receive within your club level category

$130 Plus Tax per Release

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