What’s this Oysterfest thing about?

Oysterfest 2023

March 11, 2023
11:30 am – 2:30 pm
Camino, CA

Ahh – Oysters. Fresh Oysters tasting faintly of the sea. Slurped raw or bbq’d with garlic butter.

And Wine. Lovely fresh and enjoy a brisk afternoon in the Foothills.

And then, the combination of the two. Yeah now!

We call this yearly seafood feast our Oysterfest and we’ve hosted it for over 13 years now.

It’s a springtime chance to gather, enjoy some of the freshest oysters, sip a newly introduced white wine and tap your foot to some bluegrass music. Who’s in?

This event has been a bit nutty in the past. It makes it fun – but….

This year, we are asking for folks to pre-purchase their oysters. It helps us plan and helps us keep the cost of the oysters down for our customers.

Tickets are $25.00 each Includes 10 oysters and a glass of Crystal Basin Cellars wine.

Want more than 10 oysters? Ok, then. Add 10 more oysters for $15.00, up to 4 times!

But that’s the limit. Sorry, we have to cut you off at a maximum of 50 oysters total per order.

You don’t have to pre-order, but oysters at the event will be $2.00 each – with a minimum of ten. Oysters purchased ahead of time are 33% cheaper!

This is our winery’s birthday celebration as well, so expect some razzle-dazzle to go with your day!

Cheers to All!