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Wine Tasting El Dorado County | Crystal Basin Cellars Barrel Room Experience

Crystal Basin Cellars Wine Tasting Experience

Crystal Basin Cellars is located in the beautiful Apple Hill area, which is easy to access right off highway 50 just above Placerville, CA. When you enter our 80 year old building, you will find yourself in a joyful rustic cellar; filled with wine loving fanatics. Come and join the fun!

We at Crystal Basin Cellars pride ourselves in being an open and inclusive community where everyone knows each other and can toast to good times. Our tasting experience is both fun and informative; we believe the more you know about the wine, the better they will taste.

With each experience, you can select your tasting choices from our curated list ranging from Crisp Bubbly to select red and white wines. At the end of your experience why not take home a bottle of your favorite wine!

CBC Barrel Room Experience

Barrel Tasting at Crystal Basin provides wine lovers and novices the opportunity to sample our unbottled, in-process wines directly from the barrels in our Barrel Room. The tasting is curated by our winery team experts, often the owner and winemaker. Attendees can expect to sample 3 to 4 wines and engage in an informative discussion about our winemaking process, vineyard sourcing and the origins and development of grape varietals. No matter what your level of wine knowledge and enthusiasm may be, you will come out of our Crystal Basin Barrel Room with a bit more information than when you arrived!

Cost is $20 per person – waived if Wine Futures are purchased. Free for Wine Club members and guests.

Group Tasting Experience

For groups of 8 up to 20, our guided tasting allows the group to experience a series of 6 to 7 wines, curated by one of our senior tasting associates or our winemaker. The tasting is separated from our retail tasting facility and can be customized for the tastes of the host or the group. The wines are presented in a fun, informational and interactive format with a healthy dose of humor thrown in for extra flavor! The experience is capped off by a visit to our Barrel Room for a barrel sample of our newer, unbottled wines.

RSVP Required for groups of 8 or more. $15 per person prepaid. The hosting winery representative can choose to apply tasting fees to purchases.

Book A Crystal Basin Tasting Reservation

Our cellar provides a wine tasting experience which is both fun and informative. You can sample from our vast selection of wines, which are crafted from more than 15 different red grape varieties grown within 30 miles of our winery at a fair price. You’ll see why we see ourselves as flavor merchants!

Grapes were originally planted in our region by the gold miners in the 1850s and 1860s. Prohibition wiped out the industry 100 years ago but now we’re back! We follow their legacy of ‘drinking local’ by crafting our wines from local grapes in our own unique style, with the goal of providing you the best flavors of our region.

Our wine tasting fee is $15.00 per person, which is waived in Camino by purchasing a bottle of wine. You can select your tasting choices from our curated list ranging from Crisp Bubbly to select award-winning red and white wines. We look forward to receiving your reservation and will be awaiting your arrival.