Reno Rodeo Wine Pairings

While most folks might hoist a tasty cold beer during the Reno Rodeo, I’m going to suggest that there are some great wine pairings with the unique and amazing events that make up American Rodeo. From my first rodeos in diverse places such as Jackson Hole, WY and Ripon, CA, I’ve been impressed by the competitive aspect of rodeo that combines man, animal and chance like no other activity.

That being said: Here are Mike’s Pairings for the Events and the Wines to Pick!

Bronc Busting – Zinfandel is the wine of the west, having been brought to California during the Gold Rush. The fruit burst of a great foothill Zinfandel is like the bucking bronco of the wine world. Have a T-Bone steak ready!

Steer Wrestling – This is a sport of the hands-on folks out there. We suggest that you enjoy your Steer Wrestling with a nice aged Cabernet Sauvignon while your bruises are healing.

Barrel Racing – This high-energy event is the essence of Chardonnay. The grace, power and connectedness of the barrel racing team of woman and horse speak to the devotion of the fruit, depth and nuances of well-made Chardonnay.

Bull Riding – The wine equivalent is Petite Sirah!   Unabashedly shameless because of the tannins and fruit battling in the glass, it’s an equivalent of the getting bounced off a 1000 lb animal. The biggest glass and event during Rodeo in June!

Team Roping – When you have a team at work, you can get more done in a more elegant manner! That’s why red blends are becoming the favorite wines at many venues. We like Renegade Red, our iconic red blend for most any Western cuisine.

Mutton Busting – While not for the under-21 set, Bubbly wines go very well with the short burst of grit, activity and excitement that is Mutton Busting. Grab on tight and toss some guava juice in the Bubbly to make a memorable mimosa. 

Bareback Riding – Just gonna leave this one alone. Enjoy! But pick your own wine…