Get Out There

Ready to Get Out There; but not sure where to begin? We know it’s been a while since everyone’s been able to enjoy exploring the backroads and being able to stop at the wineries and cafes. So, we gathered a list of places for you to consider for your next adventures. Pizza and Wine Remember […]

Beach Wine Pairings

Ah, the allure of Sun and Sand. A beach towel, some sunscreen, a big floppy hat, a slightly trashy novel and you are ready to park the car and get a whole lot of ‘nuthing done. Sounds like a perfect time for wine! Duh! When ISN’T a perfect time for wine? Here are some warm […]

Reno Rodeo Wine Pairings

While most folks might hoist a tasty cold beer during the Reno Rodeo, I’m going to suggest that there are some great wine pairings with the unique and amazing events that make up American Rodeo. From my first rodeos in diverse places such as Jackson Hole, WY and Ripon, CA, I’ve been impressed by the […]

The Perfect Weekend in El Dorado County – With Wine Pairings!

When the walls close in our your cubicle and your productivity plummets because you REALLY need to get away for a weekend, ponder on this list of amazing and fun things to do over a weekend in Western El Dorado County. We’re adding wine pairings for an added dimension to all full visualization of the […]

For the Love of Zinfandel

Much like the flavors of love, wines made from the Zinfandel grape show an incredible range of nuances. To be specific, there are as many Zinfandel flavors as there are facets on a diamond! In a more prurient way, you might easily say that there are 50 Shades of Zinfandel! From sweet and pink to […]