For the Love of Zinfandel

Much like the flavors of love, wines made from the Zinfandel grape show an incredible range of nuances. To be specific, there are as many Zinfandel flavors as there are facets on a diamond! In a more prurient way, you might easily say that there are 50 Shades of Zinfandel! From sweet and pink to brooding and serious to brambly port-style, Zinfandel wines claim an incredible range of colors, flavors and textures. A lot like the flavors of love!

From its murky origins around the Adriatic Sea, Zinfandel grapes have been monopolized by California winemakers and they have made it their own in a big way. There is no grape that speaks to the romance of California winemaking more directly than Zinfandel – it is tightly interwoven with the storied 150 year history of the state.

So many of the ways wine lovers use to describe the flavors of Zinfandel wines overlap with the language of love. You can describe a White Zinfandel as soft, sweet and pink. You may taste the winemaker’s passion for her job in a raspberry fruit bomb Zin from the Russian River. You’ll taste the bright sunlight from a past summer’s vacation in a racy Zinfandel from the Sierra Foothills. The experience of cuddling with your love by a warm fire can be had by sharing a glass of deep brooding Zinfandel port.

No matter which favorite flavor you pick, you can be assured that, just like love, Zinfandel wines are best shared with friends and family. But they may be the very best to enhance a quiet and special moment with your lover. We say: Pull a cork on a bottle of Zinfandel this Valentine season and experience the magic of the grape. Cupid would be proud!