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Uncle Bob’s Dinty Day

February 5, 2022 : Camino

Crystal Basin’s Uncle Bob was, in the very meaning of the phrase, a Jolly Good Fellow.

Bob helped found our company and still contributes to our hospitality style every day.

We celebrate his birthday each year and some version of an anti-Super Bowl event.

Q: Why do we call his birthday celebration Dinty Day?

A: When the tasting room was winery first opened in Camino, Mike showed up with glassware and signs and other gifty items to put on the shelves. Uncle Bob was incensed. His quote: “We’re not a gift shop, we’re a winery. We might as well sell Dinty Moore Beef Stew.”

So, each year on his birthday after that fateful day, Bob would whip up a batch of his version of Dinty Moore Beef Stew and ladle it out to his fans. He was even known to attach tattoos to various body parts of those (mostly female) fans during the process. While the tattoo thing is strictly a memory at this point, we invite all of our friends and fans up to Camino to enjoy some tasty Beef Stew and clink some glasses in Bob’s memory.

Cheers To All!