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John Belushi

Join us at our Crystal Basin Cellars locations this January 2023 to celebrate our Meau-Faux, John Belushi.

What is a Meau-Faux and why does Crystal Basin Celebrate them?

We are always seeking to identify and honor innovative leadership. We’ve created a way for us all to recognize and celebrate truly unique folks on their respective birthdays. Each month, Crystal Basin selects a special Meau-Faux who have made an indelible mark on the world in their own way. This moniker is not to be taken lightly. It takes a LOT to be a Meau-Faux. You have to get up early, stay up late, and in many specific cases, be able to party like a rockstar. We know these personalities and what they stand for instantly. By calling our attention to these leaders, we hope you’ll be able to pull some essence of their spirit into you daily life. They are, quite simply, Meau-Fauxs.

Why is the January 2023 Meau-Faux John Belushi?

John Belushi is an obvious choice for Meau-Faux of the month. Rocketing to fame as a lead on the venerable Saturday Night Live (remember when it was funny?), Belushi lived big and partied hard. His comic genius will forever be part of our culture from his parts in movies like Animal House, Blues Brothers and Neighbors. Listen closely today and you’ll hear a Belushi quote that will give you a belly laugh. Salute John at January’s Comedic Meau-Faux.


Call us (530) 647-1767 to receive special pricing on our bagnum wines to celebrate our January Meau-Faux, John Belushi.