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February Meau-Faux Celebration

Crystal Basin is always seeking to identify and honor innovative leadership. We’ve created a way for us all to recognize and celebrate truly unique folks on their respective birthdays. Each month, Crystal Basin will select three special Meau-Fauxs who have made an indelible mark on the world in their own way.

This moniker is not to be taken lightly. It takes a LOT to be a Meau-Faux. You have to get up early, stay up late, and in many specific cases, be able to party like a rockstar. We know these personalities and what they stand for instantly. By calling our attention to these leaders, we hope you’ll be able to pull some essence of their spirit into you daily
life. They are, quite simply, Meau-Fauxs.

For February – We honor our second batch of amazing Meau-Fauxs for this year!

Ronald Reagan – 2/6

A Hollywood actor turned mid-century conservative thought leader, Ronald Reagan punched far above his weight class. He was, in many ways, a man of his times. Not only did he marry a glamorous starlet and literally take a bullet for his county, but he leveraged his film career to lead California through an unprecedented period of economic growth and, as a 2-term President, devised and implemented an international policy that led to the demise of the Soviet Union. His complex worldviews still are in evidence today. He was far ahead of his time with his support for gays, his disgust with communism and patriotism in the face of adversity.

Thomas Edison – 2/11

Is there ANYONE who has pushed back the night like Thomas Edison? His efforts to create and deliver electric light quite literally changed the pathway of the human species. His inventions have been adopted worldwide and his visionary talents enabled the creation of a host of cultural innovations. Edison was a genius in many ways – holding almost 1,100 patents including motion pictures, microphones and the phonograph. If you are reading this on any type of electric device – thank that Meau-Faux Thomas Edison!

Johnny Cash – 2/26

True Meau-Fauxs sometimes are rebels with devil-may-care approaches to life. Cash was an iconic rebel County singer and legendary partier during the 1950s and 1960s. His career overlapped with a lengthy list of lesser Meau-Fauxs from that time, including Elvis, Waylon Jennings, Bob Dylan and Roy Orbison. The ‘Man in Black’ is perhaps best known for his song Folsom Prison Blues, although he was not incarcerated there and performed at the prison only once. Religion and rebellion are intertwined in Cash’s introspective songwriting and performances. A true February Meau-Faux if there ever was one!

CBC Fans – It has been decreed, mandated and codified that on each of the birthdays of these storied Meau-Fauxs, CBC will be selling our Chateau Meau-Faux Red Blend and our Kougar Coolaid White Blend 1.5 liter pouch for $25. Phone in orders are acceptable (530-647-1767) , but we suggest that toasting one of these Meau-Fauxs on their birthday may be just the ticket.