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El Dorado County Passport Weekend

Visit Crystal Basin Cellars for a special tasting with your ticket to the El Dorado County Passport Weekend.

April 22 – 24 is the time to experience the beauty of El Dorado County one sip at a time! During this fun Passport Weekend, each winery you visit will bring you into an experience that captures the very essence of their unique story and bring your tastebuds into a euphoric estate with their absolutely incredible wine and food pairings. This is the perfect time to discover hidden gems, backroads that could lead you anywhere, and secrets and surprises that can make this event in this unexplored wine region an adventure you will never forget.

After all, the El Dorado wineries are surrounded by inspiring and breathtaking views, are home to dynamic agriculture and winemaking skills, and radiate with daring and inspiring spirit. Explorers that partake in this adventure can choose from 1-, 2-, and 3-day options, and with the ability to choose General Admission or VIP, you’ll be treated to the most spectacular journey no matter what!

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