Beach Wine Pairings

Ah, the allure of Sun and Sand. A beach towel, some sunscreen, a big floppy hat, a slightly trashy novel and you are ready to park the car and get a whole lot of ‘nuthing done.

Sounds like a perfect time for wine! Duh! When ISN’T a perfect time for wine? Here are some warm weather wine tips for your cool day on the strand.

Your choices of beach wines depend on your goals for the day. Tip #1? Keep the sand OUT of your (plastic) glass.

Because the focus is enjoying a day outside in the sun, you can expect this guide to be heavy on white wines and roses, but there are some sleeper reds. Trust me on this.

Here are some suggested pairings with common beach activities – but remember – the most important part about pairing wines is to not worry about it too much and enjoy the wine you like!

Get Some Sun – If your plan is to be stationary and be your own solar panel for an afternoon, Sauvignon Blanc is for you. Crisp and refreshing, it will keep your mouth watering for the next sip. PS – plan to walk home.

Gab With Your Krew – Nothing says “dish on our acquaintances” like Rose. If you are a good mood and the conversation is light – a bit sweet will do. For sharper-tongued discussions, pitch the sweet stuff and get some tart Frenchy Rose. Enjoy the wine cold and the gossip hot!

Hit on Potential Romantic Interests –   Everyone on the beach has their eye on everyone else. Go up and offer a nice (plastic) glass of chilled Chardonnay to the hottest option on the beach as an icebreaker!

Build a Sandcastle – This will be fun but you will get sand all over you. Like – everywhere. Rinse yourself off and admire your architectural efforts by toasting with an expensive bottle of Champagne. After all, it IS your castle. We suggest Pommery Louise if price is no object.

Run – You can do this, but you will spill your wine. After your run, you will want something crisp and refreshing like a bubbly Prosecco or a Cava. Gotta hydrate after all.

Swim – Unless you have really cool technology, wait until you get out of the water. Then reward yourself with a chilled Grenache from the Sierra Foothills. This lighter-bodied wine will both relax and hydrate you after your workout.

Watch the Sunset – This is when you pull out the big guns. A gorgeous comfortable sunset watched with a special friend begs for a supple Merlot. Pull the cork when the sun touches the horizon and you’ll finish the bottle as twilight fades.

Whether it’s Cabo, Tahoe or Rio, here’s to your Fun in the Sun this summer!