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Dolce Bottino...2009

2009 Dolce Bottino

Source: Wohler Vineyard and Sauber Vineyards, El Dorado County

Harvest Date: Barbera Oct 29, 2010
Sangiovese Oct 25, 2010

Brix at Harvest: 31 and 32

Time in Barrel: 18 months

Type of Oak: Neutral French & American

Alcohol: 15.5%

Bottled:April 21, 2011

Production: 296 cases

Winemaker's Notes: You will lovethis soft and lovely afternoon red. These grapes came in too sweeeeeet! to make a dry wine. At 15.5% alcohol, you can't say we didn't try.

Ultimately, the yeast could not make any more headway and left this special wine that is reminiscent of your Grandma's grape jelly. People who don't enjoy the tannic bite or who like a pleasantly sweet finish have become instant fans of this wine.

Want a mini-vacation? Think of this wine as a piece of Italian candy in gelato sitting on the docks in Portofino. The Italian translation of Dolce Bottino is literally Sweet Booty. Wait 'till you get your lips on some! A bargain for a dessert wine at $23.